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Labor Shortage For New Air Conditioning Inspection Certificate Requirement

December 29, 2018 Comments Off on Labor Shortage For New Air Conditioning Inspection Certificate Requirement

The new legislation that has implemented the need for all buildings with air conditioning units to display air conditioning inspection certificates has caused a new profession to develop almost overnight. Air Conditioning Energy Assessors are now accredited to carry out these specialized inspections; however there is a sudden gap in the market for accredited air conditioner inspectors, which has to be filled very quickly to meet the demand for air conditioning inspection certificates and comprehensive energy efficiency reports. On the upside, the new demand is creating job opportunities at a time when many people in Britain are losing their jobs.

Despite the fact that there is a sudden need for thousands of air conditioner inspections, only a few assessors have applied for accreditation to authorities in the industry. Jacqueline Balian, director of information at the Charted Institution of Building Services Engineers, has attributed this to building owners who don’t understand what their responsibilities are according to the new laws.

Some building owners need to understand that not only is it law, but it also cuts down on long term costs. Designs for green buildings are often rejected at planning stage because of high short term costs. Energy bills in the UK contribute to a high percentage of building costs and yet some building contractors fail to see the long term benefits of sustainable energy. However, all this is set to change with new government initiatives and businesses developing more of a moral conscience for the environment.

Only qualified air conditioning energy assessors are able to carry out theses initial inspections, as well as all subsequent assessments as required by the new laws implemented in October 2008. Air conditioners account for a large part of a business’ energy bill and along with the conditioning inspection certificates furnished on businesses, Commercial Buildings Equipment Inspectors provide advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of units, a service which many businesses can benefit greatly from. Training centers are opening up all over the UK to train prospective energy assessors for this specialized service.

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